Scunci Hair accessories

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Wide range of hair accessories including Hair Clips,Elastics, Jaw Clips, Headbands, Scrunchies and a sports range




Hair Clips

Snap & Go with the Scunci Snap Clip range. These are your must-have item in your handbag, gym bag, on your dressing table and located in your bathroom. For any small sections of hair you want to pin back - snap clips are your answer. Pop open the clip, slide over or through the hair you need to pin back or secure and push down to snap close. Our snap clips are made with bendable, sturdy metal which will hold your hair securely and are available in a variety of designs within our collections.

Snap Clip collections include:

No-Slip Grip (NSG) - A discreet rubber lining lines the underside of the snap clip ensuring a closer grip to your hair - perfect for active lifestyles and longer wear.

Style - Fashion for your hair, this collection combines the latest trends in fashion and accessories, bringing you a carefully created collection showcasing different colours, shapes and textures.


We've taken the art of the classic hair elastic and turned it in to a masterpiece. Scunci offers a vast selection of hair elastics to suit your hair styling needs. Every ponytail, braid, plait, twist and bun needs to be secured and whether you want coloured, neutral, invisible or sparkly elastics - Scunci will have you covered.

Our hair elastics collections include:

No Slip Grip (NSG) - The NSG elastics feature a discreet silicone inner, helping the hair elastics to have a firmer grip on the hair to keep your style in place. This range is available in a selection of neutral tones and bright colours, to complement your style and mood.

No Damage - Our classic hair elastics - just without any metal parts. These elastics are extra gentle on your hair - preventing pulls, snags and tangles. This feature can be found in many of the Scunci hair elastics ranges.

Everyday & Active Sport - A beautiful range designed with the inner sporty soul in mind. A high impact collection combining our NSG and No Damage technology, fused together with high visibility colours and light reflective technology.

Thick Hair - No more doubling or tripling up on elastics; the Scunci thick hair collection features bigger, firmer hair elastics to help support your everyday updo hair styles.

Style - Leading with our fashion foot forward, the Scunci Style collection embraces all things fashion and brings you colourful, quirky and sparkly hair elastics, adding instant glam to your hair-up styles. 


Jaw Clips

Your perfect companion for quick, casual hair styling or the perfect up do - the Scunci Jaw Clip collection will have something for everyone. Function or fashion, large or small, Scunci offers a wide range of jaw clips in a variety of shapes, colours and designs, specially created by our design team to suit all different hair types and a variety of hair styles.

Our Collections include:

Non-Slip Grip (NSG) - A range of large and small jaw clips with a discreet silicone lining for extra secure hold on the hair. Perfect if you're on the go or need a long lasting hair do.

Style - A superb collection of large and small jaw clips in fashion forward styles and colours. Inspired by the catwalk trends, these clips are perfect for accessorising your half-up or full-up hair styles.

Thick Hair - Yes! You asked - we listened. A whole collection dedicated to you beauties with wonderful, thicker locks. This collection features larger clip designs, with NSG and a sturdier hold, allowing you to style anything from French twists and messy buns to a classic pulled back pony - all with a simple, single clip... with no slipping!

Fine Hair - Ladies with stunning, sleek, fine hair - this collection is just for you. Featuring a range of smaller sized jaw clips with NSG, specially designed to ensure a secure hold and all-day comfortable wear.


An absolute classic - but one of our favourites! The Scunci headband range includes Alice bands and head wraps in a variety of colours and patterns. From neutral shades to metallic, floral to fluorescents; we have an array of styles in our collections, in a mix of plastic, metal and fabric designs.

Collections include:

Comfy - Our comfiest hair-wear to date. A specially curated collection of head wraps and Alice band made from the softest, mouldable materials and with gentle stretch for the perfect fit. Plus, there are no metal components to snag your hair - allowing you to keep you hair out of your way with maximum comfort. 

No Damage - A classic collection of fabric head wraps which gently stretch to fit comfortably around your head. No metal fastenings mean hair won't get pulled or snagged - perfect!

No-Slip Grip (NSG) - For the active woman in us all, the NSG range helps keep hair in place - longer! This collection features Alice bands and head wraps with a discreet silicone lining which grips better to the hair, keeping your hair at bay, leaving you to get on with your day - fuss-free.

Sport - The Everyday & Active collection combines our NSG technology with sports fabrics and bright colours. In this range you'll find a rainbow of bright colours, reflective technology, super stretch head elastics and keep-dry fabrics - everything you'll need for stylish and functional sporting hair-wear. 

Style - It's time to talk fashion! Our designers dig deep to create and bring you headbands featuring the latest on-trend patterns, fabrics and textures. It's time to accessorise your hair!

Fine Hair - A beautiful collection of Alice bands with slim-line designs, perfectly suited for finer hair types and can double up as a lovely, subtle finishing touch to elegant up-do's.


Love these more, love these less – we say anything retro goes! The scrunchie has stood the test of time and are loved by celebrities, bloggers and stylists alike. The Scunci scrunchie range gives you colourful, playful and fun hair ties to brighten up any hair style – be it a ponytail, braid, half-up do or bun … the scrunchie styling options are endless.

Collections include:

No Damage - All our scrunchies are fabric with a sewn seam - so no metal parts to pull or snag your hair in sight!

Style - It's what the scrunchie is all about! Our design team work endlessly to bring you the best designs in scrunchie-wear, focusing on the latest trends in colours, patterns and fabric textures;  making your hair just as fashionable as you!

Sports Range

The Scunci sports range "Everyday & Active" is a specially designed collection to provide you with stylish, comfortable and functional hair wear for all your sporting needs. The range features elastics, hair bands and head wraps all with 'No Slip Grip' (NSG) technology - designed to stay in place all day, keeping your hair at bay and leaving you to focus on your favourite sports.

The collection features fashion forward neon and high-visibility reflective hair accessories perfect for your runs at dusk or evening team games. The Scunci 'No Damage' elastics also don't have any metal parts - so no pulling, no tangling - no damage to your hair!

Suitable for all hair types, the Scunci "Everyday & Active" sports collection will be your gym bag favourites!