Roux Fanci-Full Rinse

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Roux Fanci-Full Rinse

• Blends grey away instantly.
• Refreshes faded haircolour with natural looking shades.
• Conditions as it adds manageability and shine.
• Allows you to try a new tone for a day, then shampoo away.
• Serves as a colour corrector. Reduce warmth with the ash series, tone gold with violet bases or add warmth with red/gold bases.


Available in:
Black Rage 12
Chocolate Kiss 13
Plush Brown 21
Frivolous Fawn 23
Lucky Copper 32
Hidden Honey 16
Gilded Lily 25
True Steel 41
Spun Sand 18
Golden Spell 26
Silver Lining 42
Bashful Blonde 56
Sweet Cream 19
White Minx 52

Size: 360ml