Introducing the New Roux Fanciful Rinse December 2016




***Roux Fancifull Mousse has been discontinued from February 2016***

 We now offer Cover Your Grey Crayons as an alternative to the Roux Crayons



Roux - Colomer Professional

For the savvy professional beauty buyer, Roux is the portfolio of essential professional products that enhance beauty instantly. For the last 75 years Roux has been providing its consumers and stylists peak performance haircolor, texture, care and treatments product.

  • SGS209

    Stargazer Natural Semi Perm Rinse

      Stargazer natural shade hair dye is an easy to use gentle semi permanent hair colour, containing three conditioners, that when applied results in a deep natural gloss colour with translucent shimmering tones. The dye is applied directly to the...

  • Stargazer Bright Semi Permanent Hair Dye

    Stargazer Bright Semi Permanent Hair Dye

    A semi-permanent hair colour with conditioner for direct application to the hair. Free of ammonia or peroxide, stargazer hair colour allows you to achieve a wide range of vibrant translucent colours.

  • Roux Fanci-Full Rinse

    Roux Fanci-Full Rinse

    WHAT IT DOES• Blends grey away instantly.• Refreshes faded haircolour with natural looking shades.• Conditions as it adds manageability and shine.• Allows you to try a new tone for a day, then shampoo away.• Serves as a colour...