Heyland & Whittle Handmade Soaps

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Heyland & Whittle, herbal merchants, started making their now famous hand made, natural soaps in 1998. Born out of a desire to create soaps from only the purest of ingredients, all Heyland & Whittle soaps are created using the time honoured traditional “cold processed” method of production. 

Fresh specially chosen plant oils are gently warmed to their natural melting points and then slowly added to a naturally occurring alkaline solution. As the mixture saponifies pure essential oils, flower extracts, herbs and spices are generously added as are natural colourings such as Madder Root, Walnut leaves, Nettle leaves and Turmeric.

A joy to use, the soaps promise to gently cleanse with a good lather whilst moisturising the skin. All come beautifully boxed and won’t break the bank – the perfect indulgence for a night in or before a great night out.