Escenti Tea Tree & Cool Feet

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Escenti Tea Tree Hair & Skin Care

Tea tree, menthol and peppermint oil combine wonderfully to create the unique fresh stimulating and exhilarating fragrance found in the Escenti skincare ranges. Tea Tree oil has natural, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which have been used in quality personal care and cosmetic products for over seventy years.

Escenti Tea Tree Hair Care has been created with the antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of tea tree, enhanced with peppermint, menthol and panthenol to help leave hair feeling clean and refreshed with added shine.

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Escenti Cool Feet - Foot Care Products

The new Escenti "Cool Feet" foot care range is enriched with menthol, peppermint and natural tea tree oil* to help revive, refresh, soften and soothe tired aching feet.

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