• Qentissi Make up

    Qentissi Make up

    Qentissi Exclusive originates from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where Chermaine and Froogh met and shared a passion to launch a new make-up line. Given their totally different backgrounds, their desire was to combine the two different beauty worlds...

  • Beauty Formulas Charcoal range

    Beauty Formulas Charcoal range

    A Charcoal Deep Absorbing Facial Mask, an innovative & effective dual step face treatment. A Charcoal Body Wash with a deep cleansing action. A Charcoal Detoxifying Bubble Mask, and Charcoal Nose Pore Strips. Also Charcoal Detox Facial Wipes to help...

  • Coconut Care

    Coconut Care

    Coconut Care You gotta love Nature A Full range of products that care, protect and exfoliate your skin & Hair with that subtle coconut scent, giving your regime an exotic twist.

  • Revuele


    Revuele Bioactive Skincare - tone-up and refresh your skin with our latest new skincare range

  • Skin Academy

    Skin Academy

    Skin Academy - get a 1st class degree skincare! Choose from a wide range of Gel Eye Patches, Sheet Masks, Foot Socks and many more.

  • 5256012- HD Complexion & Contouring Set

    *Brushworks HD

    You can use the Brush Works Complexion Sponge wet or dry. The clever little Complexion Sponge has been specially designed to absorb less water and therefore less of your foundation. It achieves a flawless complexion while using less of your favourite...